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Silent Night

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$150.00 per Bottle
2021  Zinfandel
Retail: $150 | Holiday: $150


This Silent Night heralds an extraordinary revelation: Salvestrin has expanded into Zinfandel production! Behold our inaugural offering: ONE barrel of 2021 Salvestrin Zinfandel.

In the pages of Salvestrin history, the roots of this momentous occasion trace back to 1932 when John and Emma Salvestrin acquired the estate. Within its treasured grounds lay Zinfandel vines planted by Dr. George Crane in the 1800s. These hallowed vines served as the foundational blueprint for propagating new vines, ensuring the continuity of our Zinfandel program while preserving the esteemed plant material of the legendary Dr. Crane Vineyard. We present to you this exceptional wine, crafted from grapes cultivated on our estate and produced from the original clone planted almost 150 years ago.

'Silent Night' unveils:

2 bottles of the 2021 Salvestrin Zinfandel - Dr. Crane Vineyard

Retail: $150 | Holiday: $150

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Elegantly packaged in a deluxe black gift box, adorned with raffia and accompanied by a customizable gift card.